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Hello! Thank you for stopping by our store! We're Morgan and Abbey -- sisters, best friends, and now business partners! We started investing in essential oils as a way to better our lives where we could. This sparked an interest in starting to make products at home with our oils for two reasons: to put our oil knowledge into practice and to start to cut out chemicals that aren't exactly proper for your body -- one step closer to living a lifestyle that is naturally based! We saw success within these products on a personal level and decided that we want to share our new found love to help others remove the necessity to use harmful chemicals on a daily basis. Our products are made with top of the line essential oils that are CPTG Pure Therapeutic Grade, meaning they have a strict quality protocol when created and tested. We've chosen these oils over standard essential oils that we could buy from suppliers or stores as they fit what we stand for and are the perfect reflection of our company name -- Naturally Luminous.

We pride ourselves in making quality local products and can't wait for you to try them out!